The number of cryptocurrency ATMs is increasing day by day

The company currently operates over 2,500 Bitcoin ATMs, a spike of over 38% considering that in March, the operator controlled machines in 1,800 locations, Bitcoin of America said in a press statement

Part of the expansion is due to the addition of new cryptocurrencies to ATMs, Crypto Hot News reports. Notably, the platform has also incorporated Bitcoin of America, Dogecoin, and Shiba Inu, following the growth of Bitcoin, Litecoin, and meme coins in 2021.

“Bitcoin of America realized the importance of offering a wide variety of different cryptocurrencies and decided it was time to make the addition,” the statement read.

Interestingly, Bitcoin of America is among companies accelerating the installation of cryptocurrency ATMs globally. According to Finbold’s report, as of May 10, the number of crypto ATMs globally stood at 37,338, growing from the 34,340 recorded on January 1.

The growth of Bitcoin ATMs correlates with the increasing adoption of digital assets globally as more investors look for means to get involved in the market. Amid increasing regulatory scrutiny, ATMs are acting as an alternative to crypto exchanges as they eliminate the need for tedious processes like Know Your Customer (KYC).

At the same time, crypto ATMs are emerging as an integral element in facilitating payments.

However, the growth of ATMs might hit a snag in the wake of regulatory concerns at a point the United States Congress is set to debate the first crypto bill.

In a recent study, GAO, a U.S. government agency that provides auditing and investigative services for Congress, claimed that crypto ATMs are increasingly contributing to a surge in financial crimes.


Source: X Crypto Coin News