TAG Heuer launches support for cryptocurrencies and NFTs

Swiss luxury watch brand TAG Heuer introduced support for NFTs in one of its watches, the Connected Caliber E4, allowing customers to showcase their non-changeable tokens (NFTs). The experience is activated by connecting the watch to a crypto wallet.

Thanks to the watch’s special features, owners will be able to transfer images of their NFTs to the Lens face of the watch via a smartphone app. There are three different designs for the display of digital artwork and time, and customers can also resize the collection image to fit the smartwatch’s screen. Animated NFTs are also supported. TAG Heuer has integrated with multiple crypto wallets, including Metamask and LedgerLive, and has partnered with members of the crypto community involved in projects such as the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and Clone-X, according to the news on Crypto Hot News.

While there are few dedicated NFT displays, the brand is helping to showcase NFTs in a luxury-like experience. For members of the BAYC and similar collectibles community, this was a service hitherto lacking.

NFT owners in such projects are mostly wealthy and the kind of consumer who can afford a TAG Heuer watch that costs between $1,800 and $2,250 in the case of the Connected Caliber E4. With the excitement and enthusiasm surrounding these NFT collections, they would likely also display their ownership.

TAG Heuer is part of the LVMH luxury group. Many brands within the group have launched individual collections and projects, but the watch brand is one of the first to launch a physical product focused on the NFT industry.

LVMH founded Aura, a consortium initially focused on using blockchain technology to help luxury brands combat counterfeiting. More recently, Aura provides technology and support to consortium brands to initiate NFT projects.

Aura’s consortium members include LVMH, as well as Prada, Cartier, Hublot, Mercedes-Benz and Hennessy.


Source: Kripto Coin Haber