Celsius announced that it was committed to solving its problems

Crypto lending firm Celsius Network said it was working with regulators and was determined to find a solution a week after it stopped customers from withdrawing funds from their accounts.

According to the news in Crypto Hot News , Celsius has accumulated billions of dollars in client assets, giving retail investors an easy way to generate double-digit returns on their crypto holdings. The firm froze withdrawals between accounts and paused transfers on June 12, citing “extreme market conditions” as crypto prices plummeted.

On Friday, Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky canceled the weekly “ask me anything” event that has been answering questions from all comers for years. The company said in its blog post that it will pause these AMAs with Twitter Spaces until further notice so they can “focus on navigating these unprecedented challenges.”


Source: https://cryptohotnews.com/celsius-network-announced-that-it-is-working-on-a-solution-to-the-current-situation/